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Spiderman or Spiderwoman: Determining the Sex of Your Tarantula

One of the components of the successful breeding of tarantulas is their early sex determination. Males of spiders mature much earlier than females, so by the time when females mature, they already lose the ability to reproduce, as a result of which synchronization of individuals of a different sex from one cocoon is not possible. When it comes to popular spiders, this is not a problem, you can always find a younger male and grow up, but there are also such types of bird spiders that are quite rare on sale and it would be a pity to miss the opportunity to get offspring from them. If one learns to determine the sexual identity of the spiders at the first ages and to create the appropriate conditions for individuals of different sexes in the future, then it may happen that both sexes mature at the…

Why Saharan Ants Are Not Afraid of Heat?

The Saharan silver ant (Cataglyphis bombycina) is one of the most heat-resistant species of living creatures. When the midday sun of the Sahara desert forces the enemies of these ants to sit in the shade, the ants make short forays from their nests in search of food – those who are less resistant to heat and died from overheating become their prey.

Rothamsted Research: Goals, Directions, Projects

Rothamsted is the largest research agricultural center in the UK and the oldest agricultural research station in the world. Having a 160-year history, Rothamsted has gained an international reputation as an advanced center for scientific support for sustainable land management and its impact on the environment. Rothamsted conducts a wide range of scientific research in the areas of genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, the study of soil processes at the ecosystem and landscape levels.

Amateur Biology Community (Biohackers)

Super modern electronic and computer industry started by enthusiasts in private garages. Perhaps the “garage” laboratories will lead in the future to similar progress in the field of molecular biology. Modern science boasts many achievements, but for some reason, some believe that it has left the spirit of “pioneering” inherent in the scientific and technological revolution of the late XIX century. That time, world-class research could be carried out in a home laboratory, but now it requires complex and expensive equipment.