Plant Scientists Assemble to Discuss Botany and Ecology

Plant Scientists Assemble to Discuss Botany and Ecology

On March 20-21, 2014, plant scientists will organize the International scientific and practical conference “Botany and ecology to create a comfortable human environment”, which will be held on March 20-21, 2014 at Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Heathrow, London, U.K.

Goals of the conference

  1. To discuss the modern achievements of botany, ecology and nature conservation biology in the formation of a comfortable urban environment;
  2. To present modern biological and ecological technologies for improvement of the human environment;
  3. To determine the actual problems of modern botanical and ecological education and science and the importance of regional aspects in this area;
  4. To consider and evaluate pedagogical technologies in the field of botanical and ecological education and enlightenment;
  5. To expand the space for joint activities in the field of ecology for universities, research institutes, authorities, commercial and public organizations.

Who is invited to participate in the conference?

Representatives of authorities, scientists and the practices, native and foreign experts in the field of creation of urban environment – biologists, ecologists, botany: dendrology, geobotany, florists, biotechnologists, architects, agronomists, plant breeders, landscape designers, sociologists, teachers of higher and secondary special educational institutions, teachers of secondary schools of the city and region, students of undergraduate and graduate programs, graduate students, young scientists and students engaged in botanical and environmental research.

Directions and topics of discussion

  1. The role of botanical and environmental science in solving environmental problems and building a comfortable human environment;
  2. Environmental and botanical education for environmental protection and sustainable development of the region;
  3. New botanical and ecological technologies in building a comfortable urban environment;
  4. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Year of Ecology;
  5. Youth research projects (schoolchildren, students) in the field of botany and ecology to create a comfortable human environment.

Members of the organizing committee

  • Donna D. Alleyne, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Emma B. Thomas, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Helen Cameron, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Jerry Valdez, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Eric Scott, PhD in Pedagogy;
  • Elise Rogers, A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD);
  • Gillian Patterson, candidate of chemical sciences;
  • Cherise Hill, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Nellie J. Kuo, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Alice Haney, public figure, head of the program “Science for society”, laboratory of environmental biology;
  • Scott P. Kell, the co-author of the “Concept of development of green public spaces of citywide importance”;
  • Thomas Fleming, head of the department of botany and ecology, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Mary T. Debose, associate Professor of botany and ecology, Doctor of Biology (PhD);
  • Marcelino Morrison, Doctor of Biology (PhD).

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