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Criminal Genes: Guilty as Charged?

Swedish scientists claim that some people may be born with genes that make them extremely cruel. According to the new study, the extremely aggressive behavior of criminals is determined by genetics. Genetic influence on criminal behavior Serial killers and other criminals who have repeatedly committed serious crimes (robbery, grievous bodily harm) may have been “programmed” to cripple others. A study published in the scientific journal “Molecular Psychiatry” sheds light on why most of the violent crimes are usually committed by the same person (“maniac”, “serial killer”) or a very small group of offenders, and most often men.

Do We Need to Save Pandas?

The big panda is no longer endangered, and the panda population is growing. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has changed the status of the panda in the Red Book from “threatened” to “vulnerable”. This happened mainly due to the efforts of Chinese biologists. But how did China manage to achieve this? A big panda or bamboo bear once lived in the forests of southern and eastern China in large numbers, but due to population growth and the development of agriculture, its distribution area was constantly decreasing. Now they live only in the forests where bamboo grows. For many years, China has tried to increase the population of pandas. Success came only when bamboo forests began to be restored in the country and pandas were moved there. Bamboo makes up 99% of the nutrition of pandas, and without it, they begin to starve….

Can We Trust Climate Models?

The prediction of climate change associated with human activities is one of the most pressing challenges of science. The modern approach to its solution is based on the use of mathematical models of the climate system, which are currently being intensively developed in many scientific teams of the world.

Plant Scientists Assemble to Discuss Botany and Ecology

On March 20-21, 2014, plant scientists will organize the International scientific and practical conference “Botany and ecology to create a comfortable human environment”, which will be held on March 20-21, 2014 at Park Inn by Radisson Hotel Heathrow, London, U.K.

What We Can Learn From Our Peers Around The Globe?

Since the end of the XIX century, international conferences have been an integral part of the organization of scientific knowledge. For example, since 1900, the International Congress of Biological Sciences assembles once every five years. More than 2500 biological scientists have exchanged their skills and knowledge by participating in such international conferences!

Short History of Biology Development

Although the concept of biology as a special natural science originated in the XIX century, biological branches originated earlier in medicine and natural history. Usually, the main aspects of biology are formed by such ancient scholars as Aristotle and Galen through the Arab physicians Al-Jahiz, ibn-Sina, Ibn Zuhr and Ibn al-Nafis. During the Renaissance era, biological ideas in Europe have actualized thanks to the invention of typography and the spread of printed works, interest in experimental research and the discovery of many new species of animals and plants in the era of great geographical discoveries. At that time, outstanding minds Andrei Vesalius and William Garvey worked, who laid the foundations of modern anatomy and physiology. Somewhat later, Linnaeus and Buffon did a great job of classifying the forms of living and fossil creatures. Microscopy has opened up the prior unspecified world of microorganisms for observation,…

Who is Biologist?

It would have been impossible to actively develop the science of nature and study the interaction of living beings with our environment without specialists, known as biologists. They not only explore the properties and laws by which the living world develops but also determine the diversity of plant species. The biologist collects material on topics, studies it, conducting experiments and developing technologies for the practical application of the data. A biologist is not any person who has gained higher education in this sphere, but a scientist who has rich experience in the study of nature with published scientific works. For a more detailed study of individual branches of biological science, scientists undergo special classes. Then, botanists study vegetation, zoologists – animals and birds, physiologists and anatomists – human features, and microbiologists – microorganisms. Of course, there are other areas in biology. The main workplace of…

Sacculina Parasite

Sacculina is a parasitic arthropod from a crustacean subtype. The process of its development can serve as an excellent plot for a horror movie. “Alien” in the animal world The larva of the female parasite (which looks so innocent), travels for some time in the water column in search of suitable “prey” (nauplius stage). After 4-5 days, a small chitinous shell begins to appear in it (cypris stage). From this point on, sacculina has only one goal – to find a suitable crab as soon as possible, to gain a foothold on it and develop further.

Facts About Black Garden Ants

Black garden ants are representatives of one of the species belonging to the ant family. They are found in Europe, in parts of Asia and in North America. Black garden ants form well-organized colonies in which each individual performs its function: some are responsible for reproduction, others – for order, and others are working. Latin name: Lasius niger Family: Formicidae

Spiderman or Spiderwoman: Determining the Sex of Your Tarantula

One of the components of the successful breeding of tarantulas is their early sex determination. Males of spiders mature much earlier than females, so by the time when females mature, they already lose the ability to reproduce, as a result of which synchronization of individuals of a different sex from one cocoon is not possible. When it comes to popular spiders, this is not a problem, you can always find a younger male and grow up, but there are also such types of bird spiders that are quite rare on sale and it would be a pity to miss the opportunity to get offspring from them. If one learns to determine the sexual identity of the spiders at the first ages and to create the appropriate conditions for individuals of different sexes in the future, then it may happen that both sexes mature at the…