Who is Biologist?

It would have been impossible to actively develop the science of nature and study the interaction of living beings with our environment without specialists, known as biologists. They not only explore the properties and laws by which the living world develops but also determine the diversity of plant species. The biologist collects material on topics, studies it, conducting experiments and developing technologies for the practical application of the data. A biologist is not any person who has gained higher education in this sphere, but a scientist who has rich experience in the study of nature with published scientific works.

For a more detailed study of individual branches of biological science, scientists undergo special classes. Then, botanists study vegetation, zoologists – animals and birds, physiologists and anatomists – human features, and microbiologists – microorganisms. Of course, there are other areas in biology.

The main workplace of the biologist is clinics, biochemical laboratories, pharmacological production, research scientific centers, agricultural enterprises, the food industry and environmental protection organizations. Sometimes, biologists become university lecturers with fundamental knowledge.

Some biologists are not satisfied with the knowledge gained and visit hard-to-reach and scarcely inhabited places, they continue to look for new plants and representatives of the animal world.Who is Biologist_ What are his Duties_

What are the main features of a biologist?

The most important feature of the biologist is the enduring love of nature and the constant desire to study it, enriching its knowledge and making a contribution to this science. He must be purposeful, disciplined and attentive. It is inherent in logical thinking and analytical mind. The study of nature will require a biologist persistent and concentrated. Being away from comfortable conditions requires excellent health and physical stability from a biologist. He must have excellent vision and color perception. Equally important is the memory and especially visual, so that when an object of the study appears in the field of view, he can determine whether he saw it earlier or not.

What are the main duties of a biologist?

The main activities performed by biologists are research, practical experience, new experiments. These works require knowledge of the planning of the event, the preparation of all necessary materials and equipment. He must carefully register devices readings. If necessary, make adjustments to the plan of the experiment. The biologist must be able to conduct a detailed analysis of the final data, competently compile an appropriate report on the problem being dealt with. Studying the data obtained by other scientists of the world, introducing advanced experiences, using today’s technologies and equipment, the biologist must constantly engage in the multiplication of qualifications. As a teacher in universities, he should be able to transfer intelligibly biological knowledge to students.

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